Newsletter July August 2020

I’m guilty of living in a “Christian bubble.”  As a pastor, my coworkers are all believers.  My closest friends are all    believers.  Even my neighbors on either side of my house are a retired minister and an active deacon.  I have some acquaintances who are not Christians, but the vast majority of people I come in contact with are all believers.  This led to the dangerous practice of assuming how unbelievers think instead of listening to what unbelievers think.


Hannah and I made it a priority several years ago to seek out people who are not Christians to invest in.  It started with a neighbor in Indiana who I played golf with regularly.     Hannah got involved in a mom’s group.  We have seen relations grow through activities our kids are in.  We’ve been able to have conversation about faith and life.  And we’ve   received many questions over the years.


There have been some really, tough questions.  It’s been challenging.  But the biggest eye opener has been the lack of responses that unbelievers have received when asking  questions.  Often, people have shared that they’ve been  asking even simple questions “for years” with no response.  Brothers and sisters, we can do better.  We must do better.


1 Peter 3:15 says Christians must always be prepared “to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.”  This certainly doesn’t mean we must answer every question. But we should at least be able to  answer why salvation gives us hope!


Through the month of July, I’ll be preaching a series entitled “Big Questions.”  We’ll be looking at several types of questions that unbelievers have asked.  I’ll follow up that up with “Now, I Have Questions,”  a mini-series about questions that you as a Christian can ask your unbelieving friends.  My hope is that these series will push us all to know the Word of God better and share the gospel more confidently.


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