Newsletter April 2019


How important is the church to you?  Honestly, on a scale of one to ten, how important is the church to you personally?  If the church didn’t     exist, how would your life be affected?  If First Baptist was a restaurant instead of a church, would you like it better or worse?

  Before you answer for yourself, consider how important the church is to God.  He calls the church the Bride of Christ (Revelations 19:7).  He is so committed to His church, that God uses the illustration of a man who’s wife leaves him for a life of prostitution.  The man finds her, pays for the rights to have her, and takes her back as his own (cf. the book of Hosea).  The Bible says that Christ gave himself up for the church, his bride (Ephesians 5:25). While we were sinners, fighting against God, He died for the church (Romans 5:8).  God took the sins of the church and applied them to His own Son (2 Corinthians 5:21).  God is serious about His church.   What about you?  Are you   serious about the church?  When you love someone, you begin to love what they love.  God loves His church.  Do you?   If we are honest, we like the church.  There are even seasons where we love the church.  But there are other seasons that pull us away—either physically or emotionally.  Those times test our love for the church.  There are seasons where we are busy—games, family commitments, vacations, community events.  There are seasons where we are bored—we don’t “feel” like we’re connected at church.  There are seasons where we are resentful—where has God been in my life?  These seasons test our love—our commitment—to the bride of Christ, His church.   God made His church a priority.  Jesus Christ, God the Son, laid aside his rights as God and died for the church.  How does your commitment to the church compare?  Do you schedule church around the events in your life, or do you schedule the events of your life around the church?  Do you fight to be an active part of the church, or do simple  excuses keep you away?   Being a part of the bride of Christ is a glorious privilege that should put us in awe of God.  When we gather          together, we remember what God has done for His church.  It is R.C. Sproul who said, “People in awe never complain that the church is boring.”  I am in awe of God’s commitment and love for the church.  Are you?      

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