Newsletter March 2019


First Baptist Church is the most united church I have ever pastored .  I love my church.  And it’s evident that the people of First Baptist love each other.  That’s not to say that we are a perfect church, but many of the problems that other churches deal with (and First Baptist has struggled with in the past) are simply not present here.  Why is that?
I think there are two reasons we are so united:  First Baptist is united in our beliefs and united in our mission.  We are determined to remain faithful to the Word of God, which is the source for our beliefs and our mission.  Because the    Bible is our standard, any division that may arise will be settled not by man, but by God’s unchanging word.
Just as important to our unity is the priority we place on our beliefs and mission.  Sadly, most churches are not divided over these two foundational principles.  Most church divisions occur over “lesser” issues.  Building projects, financial disagreements, and sacred traditions often cause the most unrest.  At First Baptist, we have made it a priority to follow the doctrine (beliefs) and mission of the church in order to make decisions about the secondary and tertiary issues.
We want you to know about our beliefs, our mission, and our practices here at First Baptist Church.  We also want you to know the role Scripture calls you to fulfill in our church.  On March 24 & 31, I want to invite you to attend “Discover FBC” at 9:30a.  Our adult, high school, and middle school small group Sunday school classes will meet  together in the sanctuary to learn about our church and answer questions you may have.  Discover FBC is a great tool to keep us united in our beliefs and mission moving forward.  

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