Newsletter February 2019


We have begun this year with a sermon series discussing what we believe as a church.  I cannot think of a better way to kick of the new year.  While our church has great worship, fellowship, and ministries, the most important aspect of First Baptist is our commitment to honor God’s Word.  You can find a detailed copy of the copy of the eighteen doctrinal statements on our website, but let me share with you our six core beliefs that summarize those statements.


  1. The Bible is the Word of God. The sixty-six books of the Old and New Testament as originally written are wholly inspired by God.  God communicated through men so that the Bible is without error and fully authoritative in all that it teaches.  The Bible is the supreme revelation of God’s will for humanity and is the only unfailing guide for faith and life.


  1. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. Christ died for the whole world and salvation is available to anyone who confesses that Jesus Christ is both SAVIOR and LORD.  By confessing that Christ is Savior, a person must admit that like all of humanity, their life falls short of God’s perfect standard (referred to as sin in the Bible) and desire repentance (a change in their lifestyle away from sin).  By confessing that Christ is Lord, a person submits to the teachings of God’s Word revealed in the Bible.  It is this submission to God’s will over our own will that is evidence of true salvation.  Once a person confesses Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, they can never lose their salvation.


  1. God alone is eternally perfect. God is the creator and sustainer of all things.  God is all powerful and all knowing; His perfect knowledge extends to all things past, present, and future.  He is the standard of perfection in all areas including power, justice, and love.  God mysteriously exists in three persons as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


  1. Man is created in the image of God. Man is the crowning work of God’s creation and was created perfect as male and female.  Man was  created perfect but the freedom of choice.  Man choose to break God’s command and inherited a sinful nature which is passed on  to every   generation.  This sin nature separates man from the perfect God and brings death both physically and spiritually.   Only the grace of God through Jesus Christ can reunite man with his Creator.


  1. The church exists to serve. The local church is a congregation of baptized believers who are bound together by a covenant faith and fellowship with Christ.  Each Christian is uniquely gifted and is called to use their gifts to service others and share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.


  1. Jesus Christ will return. God has promised to bring the world to an appropriate end in His own time when Jesus Christ will return personally to the earth. Everyone who has ever lived will face a judgment based upon their righteous.  Those who have never personally confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior will be consigned to eternal punishment and separation from God.  Those who faithfully trusted in salvation through Jesus Christ will live eternally and blissfully in the presence of God.


For more detailed copy of our belief, go to


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