Newsletter January 2019


The most romantic line in the Bible is found in Genesis 29.  Jacob meets Rachel immediately falls in love.  He meets with Rachel’s father Laban and agrees to seven years of service for Rachel’s hand in marriage.  Genesis 29:20 says, “So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.”  (And every woman reading this says in unison, “Awe.”)


But Jacob and Rachel’s marriage wasn’t so romantic.    After seven years of service, Laban tricks Jacob into marrying Rachel’s older sister, Leah instead.  By the time Jacob realized he married the wrong sister, it was too late!  So Jacob worked an additional seven years to marry Rachel as well.


Now with two wives, Jacob showed favoritism to Rachel.  She was unable to have children, but Leah gave birth to several sons.  This caused some additional tension,     especially when Rachel eventually did bear children.  Talk about a soap opera!


I can relate to Jacob with   Rachel’s marriage.  There are times in my marriage of great highs and there have been


times of disappointment and confusion.  Some couples seem to have it all together;  others seem to be hanging on by a thread.  Some love stories are newly beginning; others have been established for decades.  Wherever the path of marriage takes you, God has given you an amazing love story.


Our Thrive Marriage Conference on February 22-23 will help you take your amazing love story to the next level.  Ernie James and his wife Dana will lead discussions on handing conflict, connecting with each other, and identifying pitfalls.  Cost of this two day event is $40 per couple.  If you register and pay before Friday, January 11, you will pay only $30 per couple.


Whether you feel you have a strong marriage or one that is a work in progress, the Thrive Marriage Conference will help you take a step closer to the marriage God desires for  you to have.  Register today at




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